Six Fun 4th of July Activities

Jul 1, 2021, 4:31:22 PM

Looking for great 4th of July activities to celebrate the big day? We have put together six simple activities that will make you feel patriotic.

  • Have a backyard BBQ: Fire up the grill for some great eats! Hot dogs and burgers are essential, of course, but don't forget the tasty sides (and some festive drinks to cool off in the heat).
  • Bake some patriotic desserts: You can't celebrate America's birthday without some red, white, and blue desserts! After baking some of the best cupcakes, brownies, and 4th of July cakes, the whole family can join in on the festive decorating.
  • Have a game night: Looking for something that's fun for the whole family? Organize a game night with some of the best board games - and if you want to make it on theme with the holiday, try out special patriotic games (like 4th of July bingo or some American-themed trivia).
  • Have a jam session: It's no party without great music, so get some sing-a-long tunes going with your favorite patriotic songs on the guitar (or even just on the speakers). Belting out "Party in the U.S.A" is a must , obviously!
  • Have a backyard picnic: It's obvious that spending the 4th of July outdoors is ideal, so why not bring food and drinks to your backyard? You'll appreciate the sunshine and get a good meal in too.
  • Get active outdoors: Go for a hike, a long walk, or even a family bike ride this Independence Day. Bonus points if you all have red, white or blue bikes.