Fangtastic! Meet Dracula

Oct 4, 2022, 5:27:01 PM

Dracula loves the delicatessen department. Whenever he gets hungry, he can have a delicious, warm meal already prepped and ready. Vampires are all about convenient dining. You can shop and cook like Dracula this Halloween season. Check out his recipes and shop his favorite department below.

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Cheeseball Bat Bites (Pictured above)


For savory

  • Cheddar and ranch cheese ball (or any flavor you prefer)
  • Blue corn tortilla chips
  • Food Club black olives

For sweet

  • Pumpkin cheesecake cheeseball
  • Crav’n Flavor Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
  • Food club chocolate chips or sprinkles


For Savory

  1. Finely crush up half of your blue corn tortilla chips
  2. Separate your cheese ball into small bit size balls (you may want to use gloves or a cookie scoop for this step)
  3. Roll the cheese balls into the crushed blue corn tortilla chips
  4. Place two tortilla chips into the sides of the mini cheese balls
  5. Place two olives on the ball as eyes

For Sweet

  1. Crush up some of your Crav’n Flavor chocolate sandwich cookies
  2. Separate your cheese ball into small bite size balls (you may want to use gloves or a cookie scoop for this step)
  3. Roll the cheeseball in the crushed cookies
  4. Split a cookie and cut it in half
  5. Place each half of the cookie on either side of the ball
  6. Place two chocolate chips or sprinkles on the cheese ball as eyes
  7. Place two white sprinkles onto the cheese ball bat as fang

Dracula’s Drumsticks


  • Fried Chicken legs from Delicatessen
  • Buffalo sauce
  • Optional: ranch


  1. Plate your drumsticks
  2. Drizzle buffalo sauce over the drumsticks
  3. Add sauce to the side for dipping

Monster Munchies

Every monster gets the munchies... build a delicious charcuterie board with cheeses like brie, provolone and cheddar combined with select meats from Double L Ranch like salami, prosciutto and more. Top it off with some fresh berries and candy corn.
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