Birth Control Prescriptions in one visit

Jun 1, 2022, 4:10:09 PM

The role of pharmacists in Utah continues to expand. Utah passed the Utah Hormonal Contraceptive Law, Family Planning Access Act Utah Code 26-64-104 which authorizes trained pharmacists to write and dispense birth control prescriptions to female patients 18 years and older.

Once qualified, prescriptions for birth control issued by the pharmacy can be filled for up to a total of 2 years (One 12-month supply prescription with up to one renewal based upon a follow-up pharmacist consultation). The self-administered hormonal contraceptives options include birth control tablets, patch, and vaginal ring. This service does not include IUD or injectable birth control, please visit your doctor for additional options available.

Contraceptives are very effective when used correctly. Pharmacists will counsel patients on the proper use of contraceptives and what to do if a contraceptive dose is missed. Pharmacists can also discuss changing the type of hormonal contraceptive if the patient experiences side effects.

Patients are encouraged to visit with their primary care provider on a regular basis for all recommended check-ups. Per Utah State Law, patients must attest they have met with a healthcare provider every 2 years to participate in a Pharmacy Hormonal Contraceptive program. Prescription hormonal contraception (birth control) does not alleviate the need for other health screenings that only your doctor can provide.